The early diagnosis of atherosclerosis is notoriously difficult, and it’s common for early warning signs to be missed entirely. Sotere Medical Solutions has created a solution. With more than a century’s worth of combined experience, our Sotere Cardiac Platform is designed to identify signs of early-onset atherosclerosis with 97 percent accuracy.

There are currently five modules configured. Each module approaches the early signs of atherosclerosis differently.

  1. Patient Demographics — Here, you’ll have the ability to input and view patient information such as risk factors. All information is considered to be HIPAA compliant and will not be shared.
  2. Framingham Risk Assessment and Body Mass Index — The Framingham Risk Score is based on the largest and longest-followed database in cardiovascular history, and it is one of the most respected question and answer profiles used frequently. Demographics and risk factors entered during registration are carried-forward to this module, and Body Mass Index (BMI) is automatically calculated and displayed.
  3. The ABIgram — This module returns the Ankle / Brachial Index (ABI). This is the ratio of Ankle Systolic Pressure divided by Brachial Systolic Pressure. This measurement is indicated when a physician wants to have a simple physiologic assessment of the peripheral vascular system. The results of these measurements are displayed on the screen.
  4. The PADogram — Similar to the ABIgram, this module, in addition to taking bilateral systolic measurements at the brachial and ankle levels, also includes bilateral thigh and calf level systolic pressure measurements and returns obstruction level results. The PADogram is performed when more detailed information is necessary for the diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease.
  5. The Soterogram — The flagship module of our platform, the Soterogram is performed when a physician wants to obtain patient-specific atherosclerotic information. The Soterogram focuses on the disease state of the arterial wall, and a wealth of practical information can be obtained, including brachial systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and heart rate, which are obtained twice over approximately 10 minutes. Arterial volume expansion is accurately measured at the calf and thigh levels.

Each one of these modules is included in the Sotere Cardiac Platform to provide you and your patients with an accurate and minimally invasive diagnostic assessment. FDA-registered and cleared, the Sotere Cardiac Platform takes less than 15 minutes, is a more cost-effective method than imperfect substitutes, and can create new revenue streams for a practitioner’s office. For more information, contact us online or by phone today.