Heart disease is one of the biggest preventable diseases in the United States. According to the CDC, one in every four deaths is a result of heart disease. While there are many different types of heart disease, there are some that are easily preventable and others that remain elusive until it is too late.

A huge factor of certain heart disease is atherosclerosis, a condition where the lining of the arteries becomes clogged with plaque, narrowing the arteries. This decreased blood flow increases the potential for heart attacks and strokes in certain individuals. Atherosclerosis is easily treatable, but some people don’t know they have atherosclerosis until it’s too late.

For example, some people don’t have any of the risk factors associated with atherosclerosis — smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, high lipid count, lack of exercise, and diabetes. Some people feel as if they are in the best shape of their lives, but have a heart attack because of undiagnosed atherosclerosis.

Heart diseases impact millions of Americans every year. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a more efficient diagnostic test to detect atherosclerosis? Fortunately, the experts at Sotere Medical Solutions, LLC have created a revolutionary new device that is more effective at detecting atherosclerosis than any other test. Thanks to the Sotere Medical Platform, atherosclerosis can now be detected in a quick, non-invasive procedure. If you have any questions about the Sotere Medical Platform, the Soterogram procedure, or Sotere Medical Solutions, be sure to contact us today by visiting our website or calling us at 716-907-0251.

Soterogram 101

To understand the Soterogram, you must first understand atherosclerosis. Because the plaque build up caused by atherosclerosis decreases blood flow, it also decreases the flexibility of the arteries. The Soterogram essentially measures how stiff the arterial wall is in an incredibly accurate and cross-checked manner.

The heart of the Soterogram lies in measuring the change in blood pressure and the change in volume. When you divide the change in volume by the change in internal pressure, you are able to understand the compliance, or stiffness, of the arterial wall.

Low elasticity of arteries is correlated with atherosclerosis, so when a patient exhibits low elasticity, they are more likely to have atherosclerosis than not. The Soterogram measures the prevalence of atherosclerosis more accurately than any other medical screening technology available on the market. Just like you get a routine colonoscopy to prevent the presence of colon cancer, the Soterogram will soon be a routine operation to detect atherosclerosis so doctors can address the disease before it’s too late.

What does the Soterogram feel like?

Thanks to the ingenuity of Sotere Medical Solutions, the Soterogram is a non-invasive, quick, and efficient screening procedure. There are no blood tests, surgical operations, or cardiac stress tests. Instead, the Soterogram relies on testing the pressure and volume change in arteries.

When a Soterogram is performed, it is never expected to take more than 20 minutes. During the 20 minute test, a machine applies pressure and measures the change in volume. This data is fed into the Sotere Medical Platform where it provides accurate and precise data for your physician.

Currently, most Soterograms and their Sotere Medical Platforms are only available in Florida. However, Sotere Medical Solutions is working on making this revolutionary product more available throughout the US.

If you are interested in learning more about the Sotere Medical Platform or its creator, Sotere Medical Solutions, be sure to visit our website today. We have plenty of information on atherosclerosis and we would be happy to discuss getting you or your physician access to a Sotere Medical Platform. Visit our website today!