Atherosclerosis is the number one reason why people die of heart attacks in the United States. This condition is a silent one, and as it quietly causes arteries to narrow and harden, it can dramatically increase the probability of a heart attack, stroke, or cardiovascular disease. But what causes atherosclerosis, and how can it be treated?

The interior of your arteries is lined by a thin layer of cells known as the endothelium. Its job is to keep the inside of your arteries smooth and toned, thereby making the flow of blood easier. But if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or you smoke, your endothelium can sustain damage.

When bad cholesterol crosses through the barrier of the endothelium, it enters your arterial wall. As a defense, your body dispatches white blood cells to the area to digest it. Over time, the mixture of cells and cholesterol transform into a bump on the wall made of plaque. While atherosclerosis goes on, the bump grows until it blocks the artery. This can result in a heart attack, a stroke, or other problems with your health.

Arterial disease is an incredibly serious and deadly condition. Whether you know someone or have someone in your family who has been diagnosed with arterial disease, you understand the severity of the condition.

As you can see, the trick to successfully treating atherosclerosis is to catch it early. That’s why Sotere Medical Solutions developed the visionary Sotere Cardiac Platform as an early warning system that’s 97 percent effective. The Soter Cardiac Platform performs a minimally invasive procedure to detect specific signs of atherosclerosis. To learn more, contact us online or by phone today.